Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Study Reveals New Flooring to be Among Top Home Improvement Projects for 2011

Is new flooring on the top of your list of projects to do around the house?  If so, you are in good company.  A recent study conducted by Kudzu.com concluded that flooring projects are among the most popular home improvement projects for 2011.  The study discovered that nearly 80% of homeowners are considering a home-related project this year, and 33% of those homeowners will install new flooring.  Flooring came only behind painting (49%), landscaping (38%), and refurnishing (35%).
Rhonda Hills, Kudzu.com vice president and chief marketing officer expresses, “The floors are one of the first things someone notices when they walk into a home.  Good flooring improves the look of a room and can also increase the value to the home. It’s no surprise that flooring projects are at the top of most homeowners’ lists.”
The study, which involved 3500 participants, also revealed that many homeowners (50%) are undecided on which flooring brand they will use.  Among the brands most considered are Armstrong (24%), StainMaster (19%), Mohawk (15%), Shaw (14%), and Bruce (10%).  All of these brands and more are available at Pizazz Floors & Interior Design, and your design consultant can help you select the best product for your budget and lifestyle.  Pizazz can handle all of your flooring needs, from hardwood to carpet to tile to laminate.  Let us help you check one more thing off your list for 2011!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Spice Things Up with a Custom Hardwood Design

Do you tend to go against the grain?  Swim upstream?  Walk to the beat of a different drum?...OK, enough analogies.  Whether you’re looking for a floor that is as unique as you, or you just want the baddest floor on the block, a custom hardwood design from Pizazz Floors may be right up your alley (hey, how about your own bowling alley!?)  
When it comes to the possibilities with your hardwood design, the sky is the limit!
Pizazz Floors has created countless hardwood masterpieces for homes all across Atlanta.  Design possibilities include borders, medallions, maps, monograms, vines, compass, or even your favorite sports team’s logo or mascot. Designs are cut by hand or laser cut (depending on the intricacy) out of different wood species and inlayed into your hardwood floors. Inlays can be installed in pre-existing hardwood floors, and can even be removed and replaced with the pre-existing hardwood planks, so you can take your design with you if you move.  We also specialize in mixed media designs, which take another form of flooring, such as travertine tile, and inlay it with hardwood in a pattern of your choice for a one-of-a-kind design.
A Pizazz design consultant can collaborate with you to develop a concept and work with you through the entire process.   Once you have Pizazz create your custom hardwood design, your floor will become a conversation piece at dinner parties and the focal point of your home.  For design ideas, view our Hardwood Gallery, and call us at 678-687-8693 if you want to put that extra pizazz in your home.