Thursday, October 13, 2011

5 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas

The leaves are turning, football is in full swing, and there’s a crisp feeling in the air…  it’s time to get your home nice and cozy for fall.  Here are a few easy decorating ideas we love that will help get you inspired.

Welcome guests to your home with this beautiful and easy entrance collection.  All you need is a wheelbarrow, a couple medium to large pumpkins, some smaller gourds, black paint, and a few sprays of leaves.  If handwriting is not your forte, stencils work great.

Make use of an old garden rake with this clever fall display.  Just push ears of multicolor maize between the teeth of a metal rake.  You can hang your festive fall decoration near your front entrance with a hook or prop it against a wall.  Done in minutes!

Use a variety of seasonal gourds to create this simple mantel display.  This picture uses two large hard-shell gourds mixed with smaller soft-shell gourds, but you can be as creative with it as you like.  Complete the look with bittersweet branches and maple leaves for extra pops of color.

Start with a simple grapevine wreath.  Find some nice fall florals (Michaels or Hobby Lobby) and some metallic spray paint in varying shades of gold and bronze.  Spray the florals and insert them into your wreath.  To add a personalized touch, hang a monogram letter in the center, tied with a ribbon.

To make your home feel extra warm and cozy this fall, light some fall scented candles in yummy scents like pumpkin spice, apple pie, or gingerbread.  Turn your candle into a centerpiece by placing the candle in a pumpkin (remove the stem and cut a small indention into the top of the pumpkin) and tuck in a few leaves, vines, or artificial berries.
Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  Fall is full of rich colors and textures, so think about bringing the outdoors in.  Using things you find in nature, like autumn leaves, branches, pumpkins, and pinecones, is a nice and cost-effective way to add some charm to your home this season.  Happy fall decorating!

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